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Small community, big heart.

Scroll down for news on the campaign to equip and furnish the new continuing care lodge in Meadow Lake—and for updates on generous donations from individuals, families, businesses and service clubs in Meadow Lake and surrounding area.

Recent NCLA News

  • Our current total for fundraising for the furniture, fixtures and equipment for our new long term care home!

  • Do you want the opportunity for a naming recognition in this new home?! If so, send us a message and we can assist you further.

  • If you are interested in donating, send us a message or go to and click donate now!

  • We thank you for the continuous community support in making this lodge a home for our loved ones who require continuing care.


The majority of our fundraising committee was able to tour the new long term care home in Meadow Lake which is currently under construction.

It is BEAUTIFUL! Stay tuned for updated photos.

Photo left to right: Gerri Moeller, Liz Hanna, Kaelyn Marsollier, Alannah Farr, Cara Washbrook, Crystal Murray, Serena Stevenot, Jessica Lukan & Noreen Tourond

Thank you to the women of Grace United Church for donating $1963.70 towards our fundraising efforts!

We appreciate the support!


The NCLA received $5000.00 from Innovation Credit Union towards our fundraising efforts. Thank you for supporting us and the contribution to our community.

Photo left to right: Michele Lascelle (Innovation), Crystal Murray (NCLA), Stacey Nolin (Innovation) & Taylor Gammel (Innovation).

240589791_2678115529148811_2216572172808368307_n (1).jpg

Thank you to Nu Line Auto Sales & Service Inc. for the donation of $2000.00. They ran a promotion during the month of May to help raise funds towards T.V’s in our new long term care home.

We appreciate the support towards our fundraising efforts! 

Photo left to right: Brad Huziak (Nuline) and Crystal Murray (NCLA Vice President) 


NCLA received a $2000.00 donation from the We Do It Plumbing & Heating promotion that ran during the month of March.

Thank you for the continued support in our fundraising efforts! 

Photo left to right Brandyn Wasyliw (We Do It & NCLA Board), Kevin Sten (We Do It), Alannah Farr (NCLA Board) & Gerri Moeller (NCLA Board)


NCLA was presented with a $50,000.00 donation from the Meadow Lake Hospital Foundation! Thank you so much for contributing to our fundraising efforts! 

Left to right Kaelyn Marsollier (NCLA Treasurer), Serena Stevenot (NCLA Board), Alannah Farr (NCLA President), Crystal Murray (NCLA Vice President), Anthony Vandenburg (MLH Foundation) & Felicia Adams (NCLA Secretary)


NCLA received a $1000.00 donation from the Golden West Seniors today. What an amazing group of individuals, they raise all the funds by collecting bottles throughout our community.

Photo left to right Flo Campbell (GWS), Alannah Farr (NCLA), Paulette Bement (GWS) and Beatrice Skopyk (GWS)

Banner 15-01.jpg

The Meadow Lake Co-op has a long history of giving back to the communityincluding a pledge of $100,000 over five years to help equip and furnish the new lodge.


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