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“As a missionary, I spent a lot of time helping others. Now I receive help. In some ways, it’s like being a missionary except I’m the one receiving care. The lodge helps people who cannot help themselves.” – Arthur Acton, resident  (Read full story)


Because we all want a safe place 
for our family to call home.

What happens if your dad (kohtâwiy) has a stroke and can’t live on his own? Or your kohkom (grandmother) develops dementia? What if your husband is in a farm accident, or your Kîtisân kîtisân (sibling or cousin) is in a car accident that steals their mobility? What will you and your family do?


For many of us in Meadow Lake and surrounding area, the answer is the lodge. For over 60 years, the lodge has provided a caring, compassionate home for those who cannot live on their own. Many are seniors and Elders—but not all. Accident and illness can rob young people of independence. When that happens, we depend on the lodge for care.


Now, after six decades of constant daily use, it’s time for a new building. That’s why the Northwest Community Lodge Association (NCLA) was formed.


The NCLA is a community-based, non-profit charity formed in 2015 to raise $3 million to equip and furnish a new continuing care lodge in Meadow Lake. We’re dedicated to supporting dignity care at the new lodge, so those in Meadow Lake and surrounding area who cannot live on their own will always have a safe place to call home.

Meadow Lake is a community with heart. Since 2015, we’ve received donations from individuals, families, businesses, service clubs and event organizers. We’ve made great progress towards our fundraising goal—but we still need your help. Your donations will give doctors, nurses and care aides the tools they need to deliver the best possible care in a new lodge.


Your donations will help equip doctors, nurses and care aides at the lodge with the tools they need to deliver the best possible care, in a safe, comfortable, home-like setting.

Sign up for an affordable monthly donation, make a donation in tribute or in memoriam, set aside a bequest in your will, help sponsor an event, organize a community fundraiser on behalf of the NCLA—there are so many ways you can help raise funds for the new lodge. Choose a type of donation that fits your budget and your sense of community.

The NCLA is a small but determined group of volunteers. We believe the lodge is more than a health care facility—it’s home to some of our most vulnerable citizens. Let’s make their lives better by helping make the lodge a home.

What is NCLA all about? Check out the video below!

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The Meadow Lake Co-op has a long history of giving back to the communityincluding a pledge of $100,000 over five years to help equip and furnish the new lodge.


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