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Please donate.
Because we all want a
safe place
for our family to call home.

Whether it’s your grandpa or your kohkom, your kitisan or your cousin—when someone you know and love needs long term care, they turn to Meadow Lake lodge.


Staff provide the best care they can, but the facility is aging and outdated. It’s time for a new building. It’s up to provincial and local governments to build the new lodge, but it’s up to us—individuals, families, businesses and community groups—to raise funds to equip and furnish the new building. And to make sure residents and staff ahave access to the equipment and furnishings they need for years to come.


We know $3 million is a big fundraising goal, but there are many ways to give. Make a one-time gift, a gift in tribute or memoriam, ask your employer about a matching gift, make a bequest in your will, donate securities or stocks, make a gift in kind or host a fundraising event on our behalf.


Please don’t wait. We need to ensure we have the necessary funds in place when construction of the new lodge gets the green light. Make your donation online, or print out the donation pledge form here and mail it in with your cheque.


Help us support dignity care and a safe place to call home in Meadow Lake. Thank you!

Questions? Fundraising Ideas?

Call us at (306) 240-8512
Or email:

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The Meadow Lake Co-op has a long history of giving back to the communityincluding a pledge of $100,000 over five years to help equip and furnish the new lodge.


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